Weblectures on parliamentary democracy

Christopher Lord and John Erik Fossum contribute to PADEMIA's weblectures on parliamentary democracy, which are now available online.

Christopher Lord (left) and John Erik Fossum

A number of academic experts from the PADEMIA network were invited to give a ‘signature talk’ to lay out the key ideas of the Erasmus Academic Network PADEMIA.

The lectures were given at a workshop on ‘Multilevel Democracy’ hosted by VU University Amsterdam in the fall of 2014.

Two lectures were held by ARENA's members of PADEMIA, Prof. Christopher Lord and Prof. John Erik Fossum. These are now available as short videos (8-13 minutes) from the PADEMIA website.

An Indirect Legitimacy Argument for a Directly Elected European Parliament

Christopher Lord

EU Democracy in Light of Different Conceptions of the EU Political System

John Erik Fossum

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