In a new book chapter, Tatiana Fumasoli aims to understand how universities adapt to pressures for change and develop their strategic management of human resources. How do policy reforms, university strategies, and academic traditions play the role of drivers of change?

Rachelle Esterhazy, research assistant at the FLAGSHIP project, has defended her MA thesis at the Department of Education, University of Oslo, on strategic responses of a German flagship university to a policy instrument aimed at increasing excellence in German higher education. Her supervisors were Tatiana Fumasoli and Peter Maassen.

In an article of the European Journal of Higher Education, Åse Gornitzka sketches out the range of uses of research in policy-making and discusses these modalities with reference to developments in higher education governance in Europe.

In a recent article of Higher Education Policy, Tatiana Fumasoli and Bjørn Stensaker draw attention to the university as an organisation possessing its own structures, cultures and practices. Higher education research should not only focus on external drivers of change, they argue, proposing a new research agenda.