Congratulations, Dr. Hesstvedt!

ARENA's Stine Hesstvedt has successfully defended her PhD thesis The Politics of Expert Advice: A study of governments’ use of policy advisory commissions in Norway, 1972-2018.

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Stine Hesstvedt with supervisors Cathrine Holst and Johan Christensen.

During her digital disputation on 15 January, Hesstvedt excellently defended her doctoral research when examined by Sylvia Veit (University of Kassel) and Stefan Svallfors (Institute for Future Studies, Stockholm) of the adjudication committee.

Governments have become increasingly dependent on expert advice. To what extent are these consultations affected by political considerations?

In her PhD thesis, Hesstvedt investigates how various political considerations affect governments’ appointment of commissions, as well as how they are subjected to control by the politicians and ministries that appoint them.

Hesstvedt employs perspectives from the study of politics – more precisely the literature on delegation and party politics – and analyses original data on Norwegian policy advisory commissions (Norges Offentlige Utredninger – NOU).

By elaborating on a ‘state-centered’ perspective on NOUs, her thesis provides new theoretical knowledge about how politics may affect the increasingly expertized commission system.

For more about Hesstvedt’s research, please see her EUREX publications or scientific abstract of the PhD.

Congratulations, Dr. Hesstvedt!


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Published Jan. 20, 2021 8:21 AM - Last modified Feb. 4, 2022 2:44 PM