Fossum at European Parliament Former Members Association annual seminar

John Erik Fossum gave a speech at the annual seminar of the European Parliament Former Members Association in the European Parliament in Brussels on 11 December 2019. 

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Fossum gave a speech on the topic of the seminar, 'Europe and its Parliament in a Global Context', and participated in a panel debate.

The European Parliament Former Members Association's (EP FMA) goal is to promote the debate on the development of the European Union in the political field. The organisation is involved in a wide range of activities, including campus visits, conferences, seminars and election observation and democracy building. The annual seminar was held in the European Parliament for a wide audience composed of former and current MEPs, EP officials, journalists and students.

Watch video of Fossum's speech:


Published Jan. 16, 2020 10:39 AM - Last modified Feb. 4, 2022 2:42 PM