ARENA Tuesday Seminar: Holger Straßheim

Holger Straßheim presented his paper 'Reframing regulation: behavioural expertise in EU policy-making' at the ARENA Tuesday Seminar on 28 August 2018.

Photo: Holger Strassheim


This paper studies the rise and influence of behavioural expertise in the European Commission. In several Directorate Generals behavioural and psychological studies have been integrated into the development of regulations. Moreover, the DG Joint Research Center (JRC) has tasked the ‘Foresight, behavioural insights and design for Policy Unit’ with coordinating behavioural research and integrating it in policy-making. It is being argued that the adoption and application of behavioural insights across policy areas and

Holger Straßheim presented his paper at the ARENA Tuesday seminar 

organizational units in the Commission is the result of a multiple movement: Firstly, the institutional void in the advisory system in Europe has created an opportunity window for new forms of expertise. Secondly, behavioural experts were especially successful in combining both political and epistemic authority. Thirdly, behavioural approaches are reframing regulation and principles of legitimacy. By highlighting the multiple ways expertise is (re-)configured on the European level, the paper is following more recent approaches of political epistemology. Political epistemologies focus on the interlinkages between practices to validate knowledge and practices to collectively order society. Understanding the emergence, embeddedness and erosion of both political and epistemic authority under the conditions of the post-national constellation has become a core question for research on governance and regulation.

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