TARN Lecture: Hussein Kassim and Sara Connolly

On Tuesday 30 May 2017, Professor Hussein Kassim and Professor Sara Connolly from the University of East Anglia gave the presentation 'One EU civil service or many? The General Secretariat of the Council and the European Commission compared'.

This Tuesday Seminar was organized as part of the TARN lecture series. 


Scholarship on the EU bureaucracy has focused overwhelmingly on the European Commission. Though important, it is important to remember that institution forms only one part of the EU administration. Drawing on new empirical data from research on the Commission and on the General Secretariat of the Council, this paper compares EU civil servants from the two bodies along several dimensions. It finds that, despite similar backgrounds and profiles, staff from the two bodies differ in beliefs, values and attitudes. It argues, first, that the differences can be explained by different socialising impacts exerted by the two bodies and, second, that the comparison has important implications for the existing literature on socialization in EU institutions.

The paper is co-authored with Sara Connolly from the Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia.

Download the paper (restricted access)

TARN Lecture Series

The Academic Research Network on Agencification of EU Executive Governance (TARN) will host a series of lectures featuring renowned academics and practitioners to discuss salient issues of agencification of EU executive governance.

The lectures will be organised by the TARN partners in Berlin, Florence, London, Luxembourg, Maastricht, Oslo, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

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