ARENA is strongly represented at the ECPR General Conference 2017 in Oslo. Our researchers will participate in around 20 different panels and sections.  

ARENA emeritus Johan P. Olsen holds the plenary lecture in the University Aula on Thursday 7 September. But Olsen is not the only ARENA researcher to be found at the conference. Here is an overview of the sections, panels and presentations where one or more ARENA researchers participate. 

The Politics of EU Multi-Level Administration

Panel chair: Jarle Trondal
Panel co-chair: Morten Egeberg

US-EU Relations in Times of Uncertainty: Crises and Transatlantic Relations

Panel chair: Guri Rosén 

Behind Closed Doors Re-Visited: Exploring the Transparency-Accountability-Representation Nexus

Section chair: Guri Rosén
Section co-chair: Anne Elizabeth Stie 

The Secret is Out: Accounting for Variation in the European Union's Rules of Transparency

Presenter: Guri Rosén 

The European Parliament between Supranationalism and (New) Intergovernmentalism

Panel discussant: Guri Rosén 

Unified in Response to Rising Powers? China, Russia and Transatlantic Relations

Authors: Marianne Riddervold (presenter) and Guri Rosén 

Crises and Different Possible EU Trajectories

Panel chair: John Erik Fossum
Panel discussant: Marianne Riddervold

Quo Vadis Europa? Segmentation, Consolidation, or Fragmentation?

Presenter: John Erik Fossum

Renationalized Europe in the EU Migration Crisis: Differentiated Citizenship and Exclusion

Presenter: Espen D. H. Olsen

The Crises and the Future of Europe

Section chair: Espen D. H. Olsen
Section co-chair: John Erik Fossum

Citizenship and Solidarity in Crisis: Brexit and Beyond

Panel discussant: Espen D. H. Olsen 

The EU Migration Crisis: Institutions, Solidarity, and Personal Statuses

Panel chair: Espen D. H. Olsen 
Panel co-chair: Hans-Jörg Trenz

The Role of Expertise in Political Decision Making

Presenter: Åse Gornitzka

Expertisation of the EU Commission’s Expert Groups?

Authors: Åse Gornitzka (presenter) and Eva Krick

Political Differentiation in a Self-Ruling Republic

Presenter: Erik O. Eriksen

A Segmented Political Order - Differentiated Integration and the Problem of Arbitrary Rule

Presenter: Erik O. Eriksen

Opening the Pandora’s Box of EU Citizenship: Online Mobilisation During Brexit

Authors: Charlotte Gilpin (presenter), Verena Brände and Hans-Jörg Trenz

Operationalizing the Concept of Digital Movement of Opinion in the Case of #RefugeesWelcome: An Enhanced Social Network Analysis Methodology

Authors: Asimina Michailidou (presenter) and Mauro Barisione

The Negotiated Expertise of ad hoc Advisory Committees and the Dynamics and Variations of Knowledge Regimes

Authors: Eva Krick (presenter), Åse Gornitzka and Cathrine Holst 

Gendering Pathways to Political Leadership in Comparative Context

Panel discussant: Helena Seibicke

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