Workshop: The EU and its crises

On 24-25 November John Erik Fossum and Jozef Bátora hosted the workshop 'The EU and its crises: From resilient ambiguity to ambiguous resilience - or beyond?' at ARENA.

From left: Jozef Bátora, Hans-Jörg Trenz, Darina Malová, Bent Sofus Tranøy, Max Steuer, Michal Onderčo, Chris Lord, Helene Sjursen, and John Erik Fossum

The workshop brought together scholars from ARENA and Comenius University in Bratislava to discuss the impact of the European crises. Workshop conveners Jozef Bátora and John Erik Fossum presented an analytical framework for studying the EU and its crises, which will also form the basis for an edited volume with contributions by the workshop participants.

The participants discussed different crises, from the migration crisis and the Ukraine crisis to the Eurocrisis, and their consequences. The overall theme of differentiated integration informed many of the contributions, as part of the EuroDiv project Integration and division: Towards a segmented Europe?

The cooperation between Comenius and ARENA in this field is a follow-up of an inter-institutional cooperation project on differentiation and democratic governance in the EU.   


Download the workshop programme (pdf)


Participation upon invitation.

For any questions or practical matters, please contact Maria Dikova.

Published Nov. 21, 2016 12:07 PM - Last modified Dec. 7, 2016 3:06 PM