The Transformation of the Executive Branch of Government in Europe

The Eurotrans WP1 workshop 'The Transformation of the Executive Branch of Government in Europe: Centre Formation, Administrative Integration and Co-existing Orders'.


Thursday 14 June

First session: 09.00hr – 12.30hr

Chair: Morten Egeberg (University of Oslo)


Anchrit Wille (Leiden University): ‘The art of shadow management: what role for heads of cabinet in the EU Commission?

Discussant: Jozef Batora (Comenius University, Bratislava)

Nina M. Vestlund (University of Oslo): ‘Changing policy focus through organizational reform? The case of the pharmaceutical unit in the European Commission’

Discussant: Martijn Groenleer (Delft University)

Christoph Knill and Stephan Grohs (Universität Konstanz): ‘Creating independent European civil servants. The European Commission in a comparative perspective’

Discussant: Deirdre Curtin (University of Amsterdam)


Lunch: 12.30hr – 13.30hr


Second session: 13.30hr – 17.00hr

Chair: Jarle Trondal (University of Agder and University of Oslo)


Miriam Hartlapp, Julia Metz and Christian Rauh (Social Science Research Centre, Berlin (WZB)) : ‘Position formation in the European Commission : concept, outcomes and a threefold typology’

Discussant: Christoph Knill (Universität Konstanz)

Jozef Batora (Comenius University, Bratislava) ‘EEAS as an interstitial organization’

Discussant: Kutsal Yesilkagit (Utrecht University)

Deirdre Curtin (University of Amsterdam): ‘Accountability of secrecy decisions in the European Union: Inside-Out?’

Discussant: Johan P. Olsen (University of Oslo)


Dinner: 20.00hr at Brasserie Hansken, Christiania Torv


Friday 15 June

Third session: 09.00hr – 12.30hr

Chair: Johan P. Olsen (University of Oslo)


Meng-Hsuan Chou (University of Oslo): The European Commission and the implementation of the human resource policy for researchers’

Discussant: Julia Metz (Social Science Research Centre, Berlin (WZB)

Mathias Johannessen (University of Oslo): ‘When global and European regimes meet: the case of a national civil aviation authority’

Discussant: Caelesta Braun (University of Antwerpen)

Martijn Groenleer (Delft University): ‘Multilevel energy governance: the development of regulatory institutions for natural gas transportation systems in Europe’

Discussant: Christer Gulbrandsen (University of Oslo)


Lunch: 12.30hr – 13.30hr


Fourth session: 13.30hr – 15.45hr

Chair: Morten Egeberg (University of Oslo)


Caelesta Braun (University of Antwerpen) and Kutsal Yesilkagit (Utrecht University): ‘The evolution of stakeholder involvement in EU regulatory governance: The case of securities regulation in the European Union’

Discussant: Meng-Hsuan Chou (University of Oslo)

Morten Egeberg, Åse Gornitzka (University of Oslo) and Jarle Trondal (University of Agder and University of Oslo): ‘Towards a less technocratic executive? Observations on the everyday interaction between the European Parliament and Commission’

Discussant: Anchrit Wille (Leiden University)

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