Sigrid Jerpstad

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Phone +47 22 85 87 38
Room 334
Visiting address ARENA Centre for European Studies Sognsveien 68 0855 Oslo
Postal address ARENA Centre for European Studies P. O. Box 1143 Blindern N-0318 Oslo

Academic interests

Sigrid Jerpstad is an MA student in Sociology at the University of Oslo. Her current academic interest is European development policy. In her thesis, she studies the European Union's role in negotiating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Her thesis is part of the GLOBUS project and her supervisor at ARENA is Johanne Døhlie Saltnes.


Jerpstad holds a BA in Sociology from Nord University. Before joining ARENA, she volunteered as an administrative assistant in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tags: United Nations, Development, Sustainability, European Union
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