Marte Lund Saga

Image of Marte Lund Saga
Phone +47 22 85 87 38
Room 334
Visiting address ARENA Centre for European Studies Sognsveien 68 0855 Oslo
Postal address ARENA Centre for European Studies P. O. Box 1143 Blindern N-0318 Oslo

Academic interests

Marte Lund Saga is an MA Student at the Department of Political Science, University of Oslo. Saga's academic interests include the role of Experts in Public Policy, Statistics, Policy Networks, and Democracy. She is currently writing her Master thesis on Social Networks among Norwegian Official Commissions. Her thesis is a part of the EUREX Project at ARENA, and her supervisors are Cathrine Holst and Edvard Nergård Larsen.


Saga has obtained a BA in Political Science, with a minor i Sociology from the University of Oslo. She also works part-time as an administrative consultant at the Norwegian Parliament.

Tags: Expertise, Democracy, Public Policy and Administration
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