Alexander Katsaitis

Guest researcher
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Postal address P.O. Box 1143 Blindern 0318 Oslo

Academic Interests

Alexander Katsaitis’ research takes place at the intersection between public policy and political science, focusing on the interaction between policy-makers and organized interests, decision-making procedures, and transnational partisan linkages.

It aims to improve government policy-making through evidence-based recommendations in the areas of governance, transparency, and accountability; drawing from theories on institutional legitimacy, public administration, and deliberative democracy.


Alexander holds a PhD in Political Science and an MSc in Public Policy from the School of Public Policy at University College London. Before joining ARENA, he was a Max Weber Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies in Florence. He has taught a range of courses on public policy at the graduate level on topics such as public policy economics & analysis, EU public policy, Europeanization & the nation state.


Alexander currently works on a postdoctoral project titled ‘The European Parliament as a (de-) legitimising force of EU financial authorities?’. This work is part of ARENA’s ‘Democracy and expert rule: the quest for reflexive legitimacy’ (REFLEX). Alex is also involved in other international collaborations.


Tags: Organized Interests, Parliaments & Representation, Pluralism, Deliberative Democracy, European Union, Agencies


Following the Money: Exploring Business Financial Contributions to the European Union's Political Parties. JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies (2020, Early View).

Deliberative layering: Explaining diverse interest mobilization across the European Parliament's Policy Cycle (with Wilhelm Lehmann & David Coen). Journal of Public Affairs (2020, Early View).

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Between cheap talk and epistocracy: The logic of interest group access in the European Parliament's committee hearings (with David Coen). Public Administration 97 (4): 754-769.

Parliamentary procedures & interest group mobilization: evidence from the European Parliament's committees (with David Coen). European University Institute Working Papers, 2017/ 16. 

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Institutional and Constitutional Aspects of Special Interest Representation (with David Coen). For European Parliament, Committee on Constitutional Affairs. Study (2015).

Chameleon Pluralism in the EU: an empirical study of the European Commission interest group density and diversity across policy domains (with David Coen). In Journal of European Public Policy, 20 (8): 1104-1119.

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