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Visiting address Gaustadalléen 30A Floor UE 0373 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1143 Blindern 0318 OSLO

Academic interests

Hesstvedt's interests include comparative politics, public administration and quantitative methods. In her doctoral project, she studies governments' use of public advisory commissions with a particular focus on questions related to expertise, political control, and politicization. The PhD project is a part of the EUREX project at ARENA.



Hesstvedt holds her MA and BA in Political Science from the University of Oslo. During her time as a PhD fellow, she has been a visiting PhD at the Institute of Political Science, Aarhus University, and Institute for Public Administration, Leiden University. Prior to joining ARENA, Hesstvedt worked as a research assistant at the Norwegian National Election Study at Institute for Social Research.

Tags: Public administration, Expertise, Quantitative methods, Comparative Politics


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  • Hesstvedt, Stine (2018). Redistributing Knowledge? How Institutions Affect Citizens’ Political Knowledge Levels: The Scandinavian Case Compared, In Fredrik Engelstad; Cathrine Holst & Gunnar C. Aakvaag (ed.),  Democratic State and Democratic Society.  De Gruyter Open.  ISBN 978-3-11-063407-5.  5.  s 94 - 117

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  • Hesstvedt, Stine (2019). Politicization of expert advice? Tracing political control with academic experts on policy inquiry commissions in Norway, 1973-2017.
  • Hesstvedt, Stine & Christiansen, Peter Munk (2019). The Politics of Technocratic Policy-Making.
  • Hesstvedt, Stine (2018). Controlling the Expert? A Study of Norwegian Public Advisory Commissions 1972-2016..
  • Hesstvedt, Stine (2018). Controlling the Experts? A Study of Norwegian Public Inquiry Commissions 1972-2016 (ECPR). Show summary
  • Hesstvedt, Stine (2017). Expertization of Policy Advice: A Cross-Sectoral Analysis..
  • Hesstvedt, Stine & Karlsen, Rune (2017). Stortingskandidater : rapport fra stortingskandidatundersøkelsen 2013. Rapport – Institutt for samfunnsforskning. 2017:05. Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Hesstvedt, Stine (2016). Ideology, Knowledge and Context. A multilevel study of "Political Sophistication" across 21 countries. Master thesis..
  • Aardal, Bernt; Bergh, Johannes & Hesstvedt, Stine (2015). Vinner man valget hvis man vinner flytvelgerne?. Dagsavisen.  ISSN 1503-2892.
  • Kleven, Øyvin; Aardal, Bernt; Bergh, Johannes; Hesstvedt, Stine & Hindenes, Ådne (2015). Valgundersøkelsen 2013. Dokumentasjons- og tabellrapport.

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