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Academic Interests

Aamodt's current research focuses on comparative analyses of climate policies in large developing countries, mainly Brazil and India. Her main research interests include domestic and international climate and energy policies, with a special focus on the BASIC countries (Brazil, South Africa, India, and China), and international climate cooperation. In the field of EU studies, her main focus is on the relationship between the EU and the BASIC countries in international and domestic climate policy processes, and these parties' understanding and use of climate justice.


Aamodt holds a Master degree in Political Science from the University of Oslo from 2010, and in the autumn of 2017 she will hand in her PhD thesis with the working title ‘Large developing countries in international climate politics: Policy actors, coalitions, and cooperation’, at the Department of Political Science, University of Oslo.

In addition to working at ARENA, she is a researcher at CICERO Center for International Climate Research in Oslo.


Aamodt's current research at ARENA is under the GLOBUS project where she analyses climate justice aspects in the relationship between Brazil and the EU in the international climate regime. 

Tags: Large developing countries, International relations, EU and climate justice, Climate policy, Comparative politics


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