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Phone +47 22 85 88 24
Room 325
Visiting address ARENA Centre for European Studies Sognsveien 68 2nd floor N-0855 Oslo NORWAY
Postal address ARENA Centre for European Studies PO Box 1143 Blindern N-0317 Oslo NORWAY

Academic Interests

Johanne Døhlie Saltnes' academic interests include the EU's development policy, aid, political dialogue, sanctions and the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy. The topic of her PhD-project is norm disputes in the EU's Development policy.

Higher education and employment history

Saltnes holds a Master's degree in International Relations from Webster University in Vienna, Austria. She received her Bachelor's degree in European studies at University of Oslo.


Tags: Common Foreign and Security Policy, European integration, Institutions, European Union


Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie (2018). Resistance to EU integration? Norm collision in the coordination of development aidJournal of European Integration.  ISSN 0703-6337. doi:10.1080/07036337.2018.1533007

Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie (2017). Norm collision in the EU’s external policies. The case of EU sanctions towards Rwanda. Cooperation and Conflict.  ISSN 0010-8367.  52(4), s 553- 570. doi:10.1177/0010836717710528 Full text in Research Archive.Show summary

Grønning, Ragnhild & Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie (2018, 27. juni). Do human rights limit state sovereignty?. [Internett].  GLOBUS.

Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie (2018). Why the debate over the European Development Fund is a question of politics, EUROPP Blog. 

Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie & Mikalsen, Kjartan Koch (2017). Is the World Trade Organization unjust? Global Justice Blog.

Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie (2016). A crucial year for EU development policy. Global Justice Blog.

Brøgger, Tine Elisabeth Johnsen & Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie (2015). Federica Mogherini’s first seven months in office: a balancing act between supranational and intergovernmental decision-making. EUROPP.

Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie & Brøgger, Tine Elisabeth Johnsen (2014). Federica Mogherini has outlined an ambitious plan for European foreign and security policy, but the extent to which it is attainable remains to be seenEUROPP.

Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie (2013). The EU’s Human Rights Policy. Unpacking the literature on the EU’s implementation of aid conditionality. ARENA, Working Paper. 2.

Saltnes, Johanne Døhlie (2011). Book Review. The European Union and Democracy Promotion. A Critical Global Assessment.Internasjonal Politikk.  ISSN 0020-577X.  69(2), s 333- 337

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View all works in Cristin

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