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Postdoctoral Fellow
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Room 322
Visiting address Sognsveien 68 0855 Oslo
Postal address P.O. Box 1143 0318 Oslo

Eva Krick is a postdoctoral research fellow at ARENA. She participates in ARENA’s research project ‘EUREX – Expertization of public inquiry commissions in a Europeanized administrative order’, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Academic interests

Eva Krick’s main fields of academic interests include the role of expertise in policy-making, modes of collective decision-making and questions of democratic and epistemic legitimacy. Her empirical focus is on environmental, climate and energy policies in Germany, Norway, and the EU.


Prior to joining ARENA, Eva Krick was a postdoctoral fellow at Humboldt University Berlin. She received a PhD in Political Science from the Technical University of Darmstadt for a study on consensual decision-making in policy advisory committees. She holds an MA in Modern European Studies from the University of North London and a Magister in European Studies from the University of Osnabrück. She received a postdoctoral research grant from the German Research Council and a doctoral research grant from Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. Eva Krick has been Guest Researcher at the National University of Singapore and at the University of Oslo, where she studied the relationship of epistemic and democratic authority in modern policy-making.

Tags: Democracy, Legitimacy, Expertise, European Union, Comparative Politics, Institutions, Political Theory, Interest Groups, Participation, Representation



Krick, Eva (2013). Verhandlungen im Konsensverfahren. Varianten kollektiver Entscheidung in Expertengremien (Negotiations under the Rule of Consensus. Variations of Collective Decision-Making in Expert Committees). Wiesbaden: VS.

Scientific articles and book chapters 

Krick, Eva and Cathrine Holst (2018). ‘Commitee Governance in Consensus Cultures: an Exploration of Best Practice Cases in Germany and Norway’, in: Fredrik Engelstad (ed.): Democracy and Institutional Change. De Gruyter.

Krick, Eva and Åse Gornitzka (2018). ‘The Expertisation of Stakeholder Involvement in EU Policy Making’, in: Magdalena Góra, Marta Warat and Cathrine Holst (eds): Expertisation and Democracy in Europe. Routledge, 51-70.

Krick, Eva (2018). ‘The Epistemic Quality of Expertise. Contextualised Criteria for the Multi-Source, Negotiated Policy Advice of Stakeholder Fora’, in: Critical Policy Studies, 12(2), 209-226, DOI: 10.1080/19460171.2016.1258317.

Krick, Eva (2018). 'Ensuring Social Acceptance of the Energy Transition. The German Government's "Consensus Management" Strategy', in: Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 20(1), 64-80 (DOI: 10.1080/1523908X.2017.1319264).

Krick, Eva (2017). ‘The Myth of Effective Veto Power under the Rule of Consensus. Dynamics and Democratic Legitimacy of Collective Decision-Making by "Tacit Consent"', in: Stéphanie Novak og Philippe Urfalino (eds): New Approaches to Collective Decisions, Special Issue of Revue Négociations 27(1), 109-128.

Krick, Eva (2015). ‘Consensual Decision-Making without Voting: The Constitutive Mechanism, (Informal) Institutionalisation and Democratic Quality of the Collective Decision Rule of “Tacit Consent”’. ARENA Working Paper 3/2015, http://www.sv.uio.no/arena/english/research/publications/arena-working-papers/2015/wp3-15.html.

Krick, Eva (2015). ‘Negotiated Expertise in Policy-Making. How Governments use Hybrid Advisory Committees’, in: Science and Public Policy, 42(4), 487-500.

Krick, Eva (2014): ‘Partizipationspotentiale von Expertengremien. Der Trade-off zwischen Inklusion und Effektivität im Verhandlungsprozess‘ (Expert Advisory Committees as Participatory Instruments. Potentials and Limitations regarding Impact and Inclusion), in: Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, 43(1), 7-22.

Krick, Eva (2014). ‘Je strenger desto besser? Lobbyismusregulierung in den USA und der EU‘ (The stricter the better? Regulating Lobbying in the USA and the EU), in: Julia von Blumenthal/Thomas von Winter (ed.): Interessengruppen und Parlamente, 235-274.

Krick, Eva and Julia von Blumenthal (2013). ‘Regieren in der Politikverflechtung. Parteienwettbewerb und Verhandlungen in Deutschland’ (Governing under Conditions of Joint Decision-Making. Party Competition and Negotiations in Germany), in: Karl-Rudolf Korte and Timo Grunden (eds): Handbuch Regierungsforschung. Wiesbaden: VS, 287-295.

Krick, Eva (2010). ‘Regieren mit Gipfeln – Expertengremien der großen Koalition‘ (Governing with Summits – Expert Advisory Committees of the Grand Coalition), in: Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, 20 (2), 233-264.

Krick, Eva, Arthur Benz and Christina Zimmer (2010). Grundstrukturen der Politik in der Europäischen Union (Politics of the European Union), Course 33202 (revised), Distance Learning University (Fernuniversität) Hagen.

Krick, Eva and Arthur Benz (2007). Grundstrukturen der Politik in der Europäischen Union (Politics of the European Union), Course 33202, Distance Learning University (Fernuniversität) Hagen.

Krick, Eva (2006). ‘Politikberatung durch Expertengremien – Legitimation und Funktion der ‚Hartz’- und der ‚Rürup’-Kommission‘ (Political Advice by Expert Committees – Legitimacy and Role of the ‘Hartz‘- and ‘Rürup’-Commissions), University of Osnabrück Working Paper 03/06, http://www.politik.uni-osnabrueck.de/wp/WP_3_06_Eva_Krick-Expertengremien.pdf.

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  • Krick, Eva (2013). Verhandlungen im Konsensverfahren. Varianten kollektiver Entscheidung in Expertengremien. Springer.  ISBN 9783658003562.  278 s.

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