Andreas Eriksen

Postdoctoral Fellow - ARENA Centre for European Studies
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Phone +47 22858865
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 30A Floor UE 0373 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1143 Blindern 0318 OSLO

Academic interests

Andreas Eriksen’s main areas of interest are philosophical studies of moral responsibility, professional judgment, and public reason. His work includes articles on the nature of role moralities, the meaning of professional virtue, and the justification of welfare policy.


Eriksen holds a B.A. from the University of Tromsø and an M.A. from the University of Oslo. He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Konstanz. He earned a Ph. D. in the study of professions at Oslo and Akershus University College. His dissertation “Taking Roles Seriously. On Professional Duty and Virtue” investigated the relation between ordinary morality and professional ethics. He was subsequently researcher on the project “Between income maintenance and activation” (TREfF-2) at the Centre for the Study of Professions.


Eriksen currently works on a post-doctoral project titled “The Democratic Value of Experts.” The project will provide a normative framework for reasoning in non-elected political bodies. This work is part of ARENA’s project “Democracy and Expert Rule: The Quest for Reflexive Legitimacy” (REFLEX). 

Tags: Public reason, Legitimacy, Professional judgment, Role moralities, Normative cognitivism


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  • Eriksen, Andreas (2020). Har politiske verdier en plass i forvaltningen?. Stat og styring.  ISSN 0803-0103.  30(3) Show summary
  • Eriksen, Andreas (2019). Agency Accountability: Management of Expectations or Answerability to Mandate?.
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  • Eriksen, Andreas & Katsaitis, Alexander (2019). Accountability through Mutual Attunement.
  • Eriksen, Andreas & Katsaitis, Alexander (2019). Accountability through Mutual Attunement: Parliamentary Hearings & Agency Oversight in the European Union.
  • Katsaitis, Alexander & Eriksen, Andreas (2019). Accountability and the Forging of Agency Ends: The European Security and Markets Authority in the European Parliament’s Committee Hearings.
  • Eriksen, Andreas (2018). Blog: “Accountability overload”: Too much of a good thing?.
  • Eriksen, Andreas (2018). Blog: Conflicts of duty: What do they mean?.
  • Eriksen, Andreas (2018). Blog: Have Welfare-to-Work Reforms Promoted Citizen Responsibility?.
  • Eriksen, Andreas (2018). Legitimate Agency Reasoning. ARENA Working Papers. 1. Show summary
  • Eriksen, Andreas (2018). Political literacy. The concept and its application to the unelected..
  • Eriksen, Andreas (2018). The Facts of Agency Accountability.
  • Eriksen, Andreas (2018). The Political Literacy of Experts.
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  • Eriksen, Andreas (2012). The Force of Professional Obligations.

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