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ARENA's 2015 activities

2015 was a formidable year for ARENA in several regards. The annual report provides a comprehensive overview of the activities at Norway's leading research centre on European studies.

In 2015, researchers at ARENA published more than ever before. For the second year in a row, ARENA staff produced a record-high number of publication points. The centre is still the most productive social science research community in Norway, in terms of scientific publications. ARENA's publications spread well beyond the academic community: For instance, the book The European Union’s Non-members gained increased relevance leading up to the Brexit referendum.

Moreover, ARENA succeeded in attracting several new project grants. The GLOBUS project is one of the most extensive in ARENA history. Led by Helene Sjursen, it will analyse the concept of global justice and examine the EU's role as a global actor. Also, Cathrine Holst and Johan Christensen won through in 2015 with the EUREX project, which is to assess the role of experts in policy-making. Both projects started up in 2016.  

Read about this and a range of other research activities in the 2015 ARENA Annual Report.

Annual Report 2015
ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo
Oslo, August 2016

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