CFP: Systems of representation (ECPR 2015)

Call for papers for the section 'Systems of Representation', with a total of seven panels at the ECPR General Conference 2015 in Montreal. Please contact the respective panel chairs for details on deadline and procedures.

Photo: University of Montreal

The section 'Systems of Representation' (S51) will be part of the General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), to be held in Montreal on 26-29 August 2015.

  • Section chairs: John Erik Fossum, ARENA, University of Oslo and Johannes Pollak, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna


Recent discussions about the concept of representation oscillate between analyses of formal institutions of liberal representative democracy, the practice of representation as claims-making, the constitutive aspect of representation, and challenges to the standard system of representation stemming from more radical versions of democracy such as deliberative democracy or direct representative democracy. These discussions reveal that there is an upsurge of new and innovative ways of envisaging representative democracy that challenge the standard view. Do the new ways of thinking about democratic representation require redefining the theoretical and normative views of democracy? Do they require a new assessment of what form of democracy is currently in place, and whether it is possible to envisage a new system of democratic representation based on institutions and practices different from those supported by the standard view? Re-considering the relation between representation and democracy requires a systemic perspective, i.e. various forms of representation, be they formal and informal, standard and non-standard, ‘direct’ and indirect, and the various mechanisms of representation combined in one political system.

List of panels

To propose a paper for any of the panels, please contact the panel chairs directly (deadlines may differ).

New Modes of Governance and Democratic Representation

Chair: M. Buess

Representation in Government and Opposition: Challenges to the Operationalization of the Concept

Chair: A. Belchior

Movements and Parties, Movements as Parties

Chairs: M. Caiani and J. White

The Media and Political Representation: Legitimising or Discrediting Europe?

Chairs: K. Auel and O. Eisele

Is Democracy Today Unthinkable without Parties?

Chairs: D. Castiglione and L. Disch

Representation in Federal and Quasi-federal Systems

Chairs: J.E. Fossum and J. Pollak

Representation and Democracy: uneasy twins?

Chairs: J.E. Fossum and J. Pollak

For further details and panel abstracts, see the ECPR website.

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