Nettsider med emneord «socio-economic background»

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Publisert 7. juni 2022 13:45

Based on a nationally representative survey in Georgia from 2021, Alexi Gugushvili and colleagues confirmed the association between perceived social mobility and physical and mental health, satisfaction with life, and the perceived state of affairs in the country. Published in Frontiers in Psychology. 

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Publisert 24. feb. 2022 10:41

This paper explores the trajectories of Norwegians who, in their late-thirties, possessed financial assets such as securities, company shares and stocks, qualifying them as the wealthiest one percent nationally. Published in The British Journal of Sociology.

SocArxiv. Open Archive of the Social Sciences
Publisert 14. feb. 2022 14:26

In this working paper, Tina Baier, Torkild Lyngstad and co-authors address a shortcoming in previous research on intergenerational correlation of educational attainment, by adopting a Multiple-Children-of-Twin design and decompose the ICE into its environmental and genetic transmission mechanisms.

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Publisert 14. feb. 2022 13:43

In this research article, publised in Demography, Torkild Lyngstad and co-authors study sibling similarity in cognitive skills, school grades, and educational attainment in Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Publisert 14. feb. 2022 11:17

In this article published in European Sociological Review, Tina Baier and co-authors ask to what extent  differences in education, occupational standing, and income are attributable to genes, and do genetic influences differ by parents’ socioeconomic standing? When in a children’s life course does parents’ socioeconomic standing matter for genetic influences, and for which of the outcomes, fixed at the different stages of the attainment process, do they matter most?

Publisert 8. mai 2017 16:40

Christine Friestad and Torbjørn Skardhamar investigate similarities and differences regarding socio-economic background, criminal history and recidivism involving new crimes between rape offenders and three other groups: other sexual offenders, non-sexual violent offenders and other offenders.