Nettsider med emneord «social mobility»

Publisert 13. aug. 2019 10:26
Publisert 1. juni 2017 15:08

Magne Paalgard Flemmen, Maren Toft, Patrick Lie Andersen, Marianne Nordli Hansen and Jørn Ljunggren have investigated the recruitment into the upper class, analysing the impact of different forms of capital and modes of closure.

Middle class family
Publisert 12. sep. 2016 12:18

Why do middle-class children so often land middle-class careers? This project will study the ways in which Norwegian middle-class parents help their offspring.

Publisert 22. sep. 2010 14:01

EUMARGINS seeks to identify and determine principle determinants of social exclusion that affect young immigrants in the seven cities. This will be pursued by exploring a series of specific objectives and sub-objectives. In this section, we specify the research objectives that guide this project.