Nettsider med emneord «regulatory politics»

Publisert 9. nov. 2010 10:52

This paper accounts for national regulation of the oil sector in Norway. It focuses on the manner in which Statoil has met the challenges from Europeanization and globalisation. One of the observations is that the Norwegian regulatory model has shown a marked resilience towards international reform, yet has adapted incrementally to these developments.

ARENA Working Paper 34/2002 (html)

Dag Harald Claes

Publisert 9. nov. 2010 10:52

Expantion of the EU's executive capacity through agencies. An analysis on the genesis of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).

ARENA Working Paper 08/2009 (pdf)

Maria Martens

Publisert 9. nov. 2010 10:52

Strengthening of European integration has also had administrative implications, such as the development of a networked-administrative system where national agencies serve simultaneously the Commission and national authorities. The paper discusses the development of such a structure of cross-cutting cleavages and loyalties, focusing on the case of the Danish IT and Telecom Agency.

ARENA Working Paper 03/2005 (pdf)

Gitte Hyttel Nørgård