Nettsider med emneord «neo-nazi»

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Publisert 2. feb. 2018 17:27

Many American politicians, jurists, and academics are proud that the United States protects objectionable Speech, says Erich Bleich.

Publisert 2. feb. 2018 17:02

 - "but they are taking advantage of new opportunities" says Robert Futrell and Pete Simi.

Publisert 2. feb. 2018 17:40

If you’re gonna be a serious activist in contemporary Russia’s neo-Nazi movement, you do not drink, you do not smoke, and you do not do drugs. You exercise to build physical strength, and, not least, you read in order to train the mind and develop your intellect, writes Johannes Due Enstad about Russia’s neo-Nazi movement.

Publisert 12. juli 2018 13:17

The five-year trial of Beate Zschäpe, the last surviving member of the National Socialist Underground (NSU), a neo-Nazi terrorist group, has finally ended with Zschäpe, the principal defendant, receiving a life sentence for her part in ten racially motivated killings.

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Publisert 6. apr. 2021 09:17

In recent years, far-right alternative media have increasingly managed to influence the digital public sphere by promoting uncivil and exclusionary ideas, in particular about immigration and Islam. A recently published study by C-REX affiliates Birgitte P. Haanshuus and Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk explores how an extreme far-right alternative media site uses content from professional media to construct and convey uncivil news with an antisemitic message.