Nettsider med emneord «institutionalisation»

Publisert 9. nov. 2010 10:52

In this paper, the author adopts a pragmatist approach to the European transformation from an order of largely independent nation-states to an integrated order with some capacity to rule in the name of all.

ARENA Working Paper 07/2010 (pdf)

Erik Oddvar Eriksen

Publisert 9. nov. 2010 10:52

The EU is frequently understood as a special kind of governance system characterized by its strong degree of interpenetration of different levels of government and a plethora of interactions between EU institutions, administrations from national and subnational levels, as well as organized non-state interests. Nowhere is this kind of multi-level governance as evident as in the committees system of the EU. This article examines and explains a crucial property of this system, the committees and experts groups organised by the European Commission.

ARENA Working Paper 12/2007 (pdf)

Åse Gornitzka and Ulf Sverdrup

Publisert 9. nov. 2010 10:52

In the framework of EU-level institution building, this paper accounts for the exchange of information and statistics forming the basis for such evolution. More specifically, it focuses on Eurostat, the European statistical office.

ARENA Working Paper 27/2005 (pdf)

Ulf Sverdrup

Publisert 9. nov. 2010 10:52

The paper deals with how the Commission balances autonomy and accountability.

ARENA Working Paper 02/2004 (pdf)

Morten Egeberg