Persons tagged with «diversity»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aarvik, Leif Head Engineer +47 22851705 Taxonomy, Entomology, African Tortricidae, Curation, Lepidoptera-moths/butterflies, Diversity
Broch, Tuva Beyer Senior Lecturer Psychological anthropology, person- centered ethnography, emotion work, diversity, nature and outdoor recreation, childhoods, Norway (Oslo), USA
Edqvist, Pia Kristina Head Engineer Conservation, Archaeological conservation, Cultural heritage, Material technology, Material analysis, Ethics, Sustainability, Social Sustainability, Nature/Culture, Diversity
Leinaas, Hans Petter Professor +47 22855276 Life history strategies, Invasive species, Interactions, Diversity, Effects of environmental changes, Species diversity, Ecological stoichiometry, Species interactions, Climate adaption, Ecophysiology
Mikalsen, Maja Feng PhD candidate +47 417 63 636 Sociology, Criminology, Crime prevention, Social inequality, education, discrimination, diversity, Qualitative Methods, Quantitative methods
Mjøs (she/her), Katja D. Senior Innovation Adviser – Life Science Growth House + 47 94 98 00 97 (mob) Innovation, Life Science, Technology, Coaching, Diversity
Salinas , Cecilia G. Postdoctoral fellow Politics, Diversity, Indigenous peoples, Resource management, Climate change, Latin America, Uruguay and Argentina
Sæther, Elin Associate Professor +47 22858334 Social studies education, sustainability education, diversity, discourse analysis
Talleraas, Marie Johanne Senior Adviser +47 22858217 Diversity, Reporting, Gender equality, HR development
Tica, Sabina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22857704 Migration, diversity, Cultural and political participation, Social inequality, Sociology