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Publisert 15. jan. 2020 14:32
Publisert 1. juli 2019 12:06
Publisert 20. aug. 2018 14:49

How much does a company specialising in services such as Telenor invest in innovation? Researchers at the University of Oslo have contributed to changing how Telenor sees innovation.

Publisert 29. mars 2017 12:55

Ivar Frønes argues that modern youth work requires a revitalising of its roots in popular education, to function as popular education of the future.

Publisert 2. nov. 2015 14:26

Professor Jan Dul, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), the Netherlands is giving a lecture on the topic: "Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA)"

Publisert 14. aug. 2015 11:47