Persons tagged with «Strategy»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Badi, Diana Senior Adviser Strategy, Web publishing, Web editor, Training, Communication
Bjørgo, Elisa Head of Office +47 22840608 +47 91359367 (mob) Molecular biology, HR administration, Strategy, Finance, Management support, Appointments, Research support, Life science, Human resources administration
Caesar, Ellen Johanne Director of Department +47 22856064 +47 92423393 (mob) Mangement, Corporate governance, Financial management, Strategy, Analysis
Ekeli, Hanna Director of Department +47 22857436 +47 99001817 (mob) Administrative management, Strategy, Economy, HR system
Fosshaug, Lene Senior Adviser +47-22857899 Quality of education, Learning Environment Committee, Strategy
Gibbons, Anne Marthe Nilsen Senior Adviser +47-22841136 Strategy, Quality of education
Haugland, Camilla Senior Adviser +47 22856210 +47 95990640 (mob) Administrative management, Strategy, Admissions
Hemsing, Gry Anita Project Manager +47-22857004 Project management, Process improvement, Digitization, Change management, Strategy, Organizational development, Study administration
Hjelmesæth , Ida Administrative Director + 47 22 85 87 01 administrative management, Human resources administration, Financial management, Budget, Strategy, Research administration, annual plan
Hoel, Britt Amundsen Assistant director of Estates +47-91368921 (mob) Management, Estate Management, Financial Management, Strategy, Procurement, HR, Communications
Johannessen, Leif Johnny Assistant Director +47 91555072 (mob) Management, Property management, Strategy, Property Development
Johnsen, Thomas Forslund Senior Architect +47 91707300 Project management, Strategy, Property Development
Kriszat, Karenina Head of Communication + 47 41441605 Communication, Science Outreach, Press Officer, Strategy, Web editor, Social media
Leunbach, Daniel Lecturer +47 22840927 +47 98 83 70 24 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategy
Ligeti, Krisztina Research Manager External Funding, Strategy, Project Management, Evaluation, EU, H2020, Horizon Europe, NFR, Proposal Writing, Research Support
Meier, Einar Senior Adviser +47 22857889 +4792681114 (mob) International cooperation, Erasmus+, Strategy, Management support, Project management
Mjelde, Eva Helene Project Manager +47-22854339 +47-90015585 (mob) Administration, Management, Strategy, Administrative management, Organisational development, Activity management, Financial management, Project management
Møvig, Hanne Graver Library Director +47-22844001 + 47 45264592 (mob) Library, Administrative management, Strategy, Organisational development
Paulsen, Johannes Falk Assistant Director +47 22854057 +47 90687164 (mob) Strategy, Administrative IT systems, Corporate governance, Mangement, Corporate governance, Financial management, Strategy, Analysis
Paulsen, Johannes Falk Assistant Director +47 22854057 +47 90687164 (mob) Strategy, Administrative IT systems, Corporate governance, Mangement, Corporate governance, Financial management, Strategy, Analysis
Pettersen, Pål Vegard On leave Strategy, Research policy, Education policy
Rossiné, Berit Kolberg Director of Department +47 90053926 Communication, Strategy, Management
Sandberg, Anita Director of HSE and Emergency +47-22856281 +47-90614459 (mob) Strategy, Management, Work environment, HSE, Emergency preparedness, Organisational development
Sandlie, Irene Director of Personnel +47 22857472 +47 41680540 (mob) Regulations, Strategy, Facilitation
Stene, Kristin Fossum Head of Office +47 22855548 +47 92433392 (mob) Administrative management, Strategy
Stokke, Knut Tore Head of Office +47 22850509 +47 91702320 (mob) Administration, Management, Strategy, Administrative management, Organizational development, Activity management, Financial management
Sundnes, Jonny Roar Senior Adviser +47 22857198 Regulations, Quality assurance system, Programme descriptions, Joint degrees, Strategy
Tennøe, Liv Dalen Section Manager +47 48247191 (mob) Strategy, Communications, Management
Valbø, Line Altern Halvorsen Head of Office +47 22855472 Payment, Finance, Human resources administrastion, Health safety and environment, Organizational development, Appointments, Strategy, Annual plan, Working environment, Budget
Vestad, Guri Senior Adviser +47-22858482 +47-99389621 (mob) Strategy, International cooperation, Management
Vold-Sarnes, Tone Faculty Director +47 22850309 Administrative management, Strategy