Persons tagged with «Robotics»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Baselizadeh, Adel Doctoral Research Fellow Reinforcement Learning, Control systems, Robotics, Fuzzy Systems and Intelligent Control
Elle, Ole Jakob Professor II Artificial intelligence, Evolution, Robotics, Reconfigurable hardware, Adaptable systems
Glette, Kyrre Associate Professor +47 228 41695 Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware, Biologically-inspired Computing, Embedded Systems, Machine Learning
Høvin, Mats Erling Associate Professor +47 22840823 Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Adaptable Systems, Biology-inspired Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware
Karbasi, Seyed Mojtaba Doctoral Research Fellow +47 452 32 489 Robotics, Rhythmic Movements, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Motor Control
Mathiassen, Kim Associate Professor Robotics, autonomous cars, Control systems, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Mobile robots, Medical robotics
Meng, Li Doctoral Research Fellow Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Reinforcement learning, Computer vision, Robotics
Noori, Farzan Majeed Doctoral Research Fellow +47-91255115 Sensing, computer vision, Robotics, mental health
Skogstrøm, Roar Lecturer +47 95849590 Artificial intelligence, Reconfigurable hardware, Robotics, Evolution, Adaptable systems
Szorkovszky, Alexander Postdoctoral Fellow Robotics, Entrainment, Motor Control, Interaction, Collective behaviour
Tørresen, Jim Professor +47 22852454 +4792846669 (mob) Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Adaptable Systems, Reconfigurable hardware, Biology-inspired Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware
Warakagoda, Narada Dilp Associate Professor Artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, computer vision, Robotics, Machine Learning, deep learning
van Otterdijk, Marieke Researcher HRI, Robotics, Interaction Design, Health Care, User Studies