Nettsider med emneord «Right-wing Extremism»

Nordisk Motstandsbevelgese demonstrasjon
Publisert 25. feb. 2019 15:32

As a researcher, I have followed various extreme right groups and movements in Norway and Scandinavia during the last 30 years. There have been some significant changes during this time – changes that have an impact on how our society should relate to such milieus, and what kinds of preventive measures might be relevant and effective.

Publisert 23. jan. 2013 15:23

Sindre Bangstad explores the recent application of the "racism paragraph" by higher Norwegian courts. Additionally, he provides a defence of the legislation forbidding grossly discriminatory or hateful public expression against the criticism of "freedom of speech" absolutists.

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Publisert 23. jan. 2013 14:27

A new and amended § 100 was introduced in the aftermath of the 1999 report (in 2004) of the Norwegian Commission of Freedom of Expression (1996–1999). In this article, Sindre Bangstad explores the recent application of § 135(a) by higher Norwegian courts, along with the shifting historical understandings of freedom of expression and its limits. He argues that these shifting understandings have played a role in the manner in which higher Norwegian courts have applied this paragraph.

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