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Publisert 10. mars 2022 15:56

How can we respect and right the Indigenous peoples with whom we work and rely on? Andrea J. Nightingale and co-authors ask this question in a resent blog post in Undisciplined Environmenst.

Publisert 3. mars 2022 15:34
Publisert 4. nov. 2021 12:19

Lecturer: Professor Kjersti Fjørtoft, UiT 

Administrative contact: Lena Bogstrand

Course credits: 3 ECTS

Course website

Application deadline:

For applicants outside UiT: 1 December 2021 in application portal (søknadsweb). Application code 9301.

For PhD students at UiT: 1 February 2022 in student web.

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Publisert 22. jan. 2021 10:19

Course leaders: Associate Professor Marija Slavkovik, University of Bergen

Lecturers: The course is given jointly by Marija Slavkovik (UiB) and Miria Grisot from the University of Oslo. The students can register either at UiB or at UiO. The lectures will include invited guest lecturers from among the international academic researchers in AI ethics, as well as NAV and Datatilsynet.

Course website

Course credits: 10 ECTS 

Deadline for registration: February 14th, 2022

Course dates: Postponed to spring 2022, week 10 and 11.  Due to the pandemics the course is planned as an online event. If conditions improve a live event will be planned. The course is planned as a two week event.

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Kontakt: Signe W Bugge

Studiepoeng: 5

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Course leader(s)

Marit Ulvik, Ingrid Helleve, Edel Karin Kvam


Marit Ulvik, Ingrid Helleve, Vegard Kvam

Course website 

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