Persons tagged with «Research Communication»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aalby, Anita Adviser 40 48 49 49 Research administration, Research communication, Web publishing
Berge, Eli Senior Adviser +47 22852497 Web editor, Communication, Recruitment, Research communication
Bjermeland, Monica Senior Adviser +47 22842110 98684916 Research communication, Social media, press, PR, Communications, podcasting
Bjørkeng, Astrid Skiftesvik Senior Adviser +47 45512054 Communication, Research communication, Social Media
Brynildsen, Åslaug Adviser +47 22845592 +47 98661799 (mob) Communication, Web editor, Research communication, Press contact, Social media, Photo, Video
Bøckman, Petter Lecturer +47 22851642 + 47 98 46 62 06 Museum lecturer, Zoology, Ecology, Evolution, Museum pedagogy, Research communication, Exhibitions
Chausse, Camilla Marie Senior Adviser + 47-47234806 Communication, Research communication, Press contact, Strategic Communication, Web publishing
Christensen, Marit Eline Lervik Adviser +47 22858150 +47 97620226 Research communication, Research dissemination, web publishing, Web editor, Social media, podcast
Doeland, Elin Martine Adviser +47 22844655 Research communication, Internal communication, Communication, Press contact
Eidberg, Mathias H. Communications manager +4722850307 +4740222579 (mob) Communications, Press contact, Marketing, Recruitment of students, Media Survey, Alumni, Research communication
Eriksen, Ine Photographer +47-23072583 Photo, Photography, Graphic design, Communication, Research communication
Feltham, Andrew Head of Office +47 22858936 External funding, Research administration, research communication
Gakkestad, Mari Adviser +47 22859468 Research administration, External funding, Research Communication, Web editor, Cristin, Open Access
Gulli, Linda Research advisor - on leave 22859716 Research management, Research Communication, EU
Hol, Maud Adviser Research administration, External funding, Web editor, Research communication, Press contact
Horgmo, Øystein Senior Photographer +47-23072820 +47-95296090 (mob) Photo, Photography, Graphic design, Communication, Research communication
Høstmark, Cecilie Bakken Adviser 97640361 Communication, Research communication
Johansen, Grethe Thrane Communication Adviser UiO:Life Science +47 909 93 110 (mob) Communication, Research communication, Press contact, Events
Kvaal, Julie Nybakk Adviser +47 22844690 Research communication, Communication, Internal communication, Press contact
Lynnebakken, Hilde Information officer + 47 22 85 64 26 + 47 48 20 52 20 (mob) Communication, Research communication, Web editor, social media
Midtlid, Marie Ringsby Senior Executive Officer +47 22850325 Communications, Recruitment of students, Research communication, Events, Info centre
Nissen, Christian Overingeniør +47-23072584 Video, Communication, Research communication, Sound, Image, AV services
Olafsen, Thomas Senior Adviser +47 22850132 Communication, Events, Internal communication, Research communication, Web publishing
Petersen, Stina Senior Adviser +47 22854032 Research support, EU, The Research Council of Norway, External funding, Research Communication, Project management
Rise, Henning Hoel Adviser +47 48208749 Research administration, Research support, Data manager, Research Communication, Neuroscience
Semprini, Elisabeth Kolflaath Adviser +47 22859209 Web publishing, Web editor, Research communication, Communication, Safety organization
Thorsen, Thor Senior Adviser +47 22856654 +47 41223956 (mob) 41223956 Communication, Research communication
Vigestad, Kyrre Adviser +47 22855279 Communication, Press contact, Media survey, Research communication, Web editor, Content management, Web statistics, Internal communication
Wilberg, Helene Senior Adviser +47 22857647 Communication, Strategic communication, Press contact, Public relations, Research communication, Internal communication
Young, Anna Higher Executive Officer Research communication, Web publishing, Web editor, Social media, Cristin, Syllabus, Purchasing
Øverby, Kari Senior Adviser +47 22858159 +47 45917839 (mob) +47 459 17 839 Communication, Media survey, Research communication, Web editor, Social Media
Øverbye, Anders Administrative Manager +4722781827 Administrative management, Coordinating, Research communication