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Publisert 19. feb. 2019 17:05
Map of Europe with all project partners highlightet
Publisert 20. aug. 2018 14:41

A research group at ARENA Centre for European Studies headed by Prof. John Erik Fossum has succeeded in a highly competitive bid for international research funding. ARENA is celebrating the success.

Publisert 14. okt. 2010 14:14

The Oslo Summer School for Social Sciences (previously Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies) provides PhD and postgraduate courses at a highly professional and international level. It was initiated in 1992 to further international contact among students and researchers working within comparative social sciences and social science methodology.

Over the years, a number of distinguished scholars and lecturers within the various fields of social sciences accepted our invitation to teach a doctoral course at the Oslo Summer School for Social Sciences.