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Image of police in Italy
Publisert 5. juni 2019 12:50

This is a party that embraces Mussolini and Che Guevara — and cartoons and pop culture

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Publisert 22. juni 2011 14:25

Sindre Bangstad is discussing the question if  the freedom of speech become freedom to hate?  He takes part in a discussionforum  well-known as the  The Immanent Frame. The forum was founded in October of 2007 in conjunction with the Social Science Research Council’s program on Religion and the Public Sphere

Publisert 22. sep. 2010 14:01

Judit Strõmpl, from the EUMARGINS research team in Estonia, held the presentation "How it is to be an 'other' in Estonia?" at a seminar about racism and ethnocentrism entitled 'The world is not just black and white'. In her presentation, Mrs. Strõmpl referred to some preliminary results from EUMARGINS' data collection in Estonia.