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Publisert 19. mai 2022 14:01

Managers of street-level organizations play an important role in the successful implementation of public reforms. A prevailing view within the public administration literature is that this work involves the adaptation between reforms and local contexts, where divergence is viewed as a form of resistance to change. This article, by Lars Klemsdal and colueagues, challenges this prevalent reform-centric view by introducing a situation-centric perspective and coining the concept of situational work as a significant form of managerial work during implementation. Published in Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

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Publisert 16. mai 2022 10:17

Protective security management aims at protecting against malicious acts. It has, in a relatively short period, undergone substantial changes. One such change is the introduction of risk management. This article by Anne Heyerdahl investigates a debate about a standard for security risk assessment (SRA) in Norway. Published in European Security. 

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This study reveals a fundamental ‘misfit’ between external demands and internal dynamics in the OECD secretariat.

ARENA Working Paper 6/2011 (pdf)

Martin Marcussen and Jarle Trondal

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