Nettsider med emneord «Muslims»

Publisert 27. mai 2011 13:30

In the May publication of Theory, Culture and Society   the work of the influential poststructuralist and postcolonial anthropologist  Saba Mahmood (UC Berkeley, USA) is being explored by Sindre Bangstad. Saba Mahmood’s work in anthropology adopts an Asadian and Butlerian approach, particularly in the seminal Politics of Piety.

Publisert 30. sep. 2010 12:47

The Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) organised on September 8th 2010 a seminar about the report from the Open Society Institute entitled 'At Home in Europe Project: Muslims in Europe—A Report on 11 EU Cities'. Main findings and reflections on methodology were presented by researchers from the Open Society Institute. The report is based upon in-depth interviews with Muslims living in 11 cities in Europe. EUMARGINS' Scientific Coordinator Katrine Fangen was present in the seminar as lead critic/commentator of the report. She also talked about and drew parallels to the findings of the EUMARGINS research project.

Read the seminar program.  

Publisert 22. sep. 2010 14:01

EUMARGINS Project Coordinator Katrine Fangen commented upon the status of Islam in Western-Europe in URIX, a TV-program by the Norwegian broadcasting company (NRK) with focus upon international news.