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Lecturer: Andrew Bennet

Course credits: 8 ECTS

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From fascistic rallies in the 20s, to the recent storming of the US Capitol: far right demonstrations are complex events, with large societal and political implications. German sociologist Fabian Virchow highlights the importance of analyzing how many people attend such demonstrations, and how they interact with their environment, in order to reach a more complex understanding of far right protest in their historical context.

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EUMARGINS investigates experiences of young adult immigrants in seven urban-metropolitan areas in seven different European countries: Norway (Oslo), Sweden (Gothenburg), the United Kingdom (London), Italy (Genoa), France (Metz/Nancy), Spain (Barcelona) and Estonia (Tallinn). Briefly, the research project seeks to find out what it is that hinders inclusion of young adult immigrants in some European countries, and what it is that opens up for it.

The project lasts for 3 years; from October 2008 to October 2011.

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ARENA cooperates with the Centre for European Studies at Jagiellonian University in offering a postgraduate research track within the MA programme in European Studies in Kraków.

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On September 10 and 11, representatives for all the seven national teams of EUMARGINS met in London for a 2-days project meeting. The meeting was hosted by Professor Les Back and Dr. Shamser Sinha at Goldsmiths College in New Cross (South East London). In this meeting, in addition to the indoor sessions dealing with important methodological and analytical issues relevant for the forthcoming months, the researchers had a practical session in the streets of London, with aims of getting better at how a camera might visualize manifestations of inclusion and exclusion of young adult immigrants.

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In the book entitled 'Metodene våre - Eksempler fra samfunnsvitenskapelig forskning' (published by Universitetsforlaget in 2010) EUMARGINS' project leader Katrine Fangen has written a chapter about the methodological framework of EUMARGINS. The chapter presents the methodology and gives practical examples from the research project, and as such sheds light upon important challenges and methodological dilemmas.

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In line with the projects’ methodological framework, an extensive secondary data collection and analysis will be conducted in the first phase of the project. The results of this first stage of the project will be published in a book that discusses the European conditions for inclusion and exclusion of young adult immigrants. Relevant contextual conditions within the seven countries will be identified, including the different political, juridical, historical, economic and social factors relevant for understanding the inclusion and exclusion of young adult immigrants. Collecting and analyzing prior research on migration, integration and youth is equally an important task of this phase, and finally the country specific information collection will set the ground for a cross-cutting analysis among all seven participant countries.

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Migration into and within the Europe in the 21st century is best understood not just as a single event in a person’s life. Analysts need a perspective which identifies the complex set of socio-economic processes and phenomena which influence human mobility. The changing significance of national borders within an increasingly globalised world means that migration can no longer be understood merely by the application of analytical terms such as ‘push-pull’ factors. New typologies of migrant types are needed, as are theoretical approaches and methodologies which enable researchers to ‘capture’ the complex social realities of migration and integration.

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In this blog post, Bart Schuurman and Sarah Carthy discuss their multiyear research project on the differences between extremists who use terrorist violence and those who do not. Specifically, how to collect data on individuals who on account of their not having done something are unlikely to be accessible through traditional sources such as academic papers and newspaper articles?

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The far right today is a global and diverse phenomenon, that encompasses a wide range of different actors and organizations. Tamta Gelashvili argues that scholarship on the far right would benefit from the use of Protest Event Analysis (PEA) to analyze and compare far-right mobilization across cultural contexts and over time.

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Course leaders

Professor Barbara Wasson, University of Bergen


Barbara Wasson (UiB), Morten Misfeldt (UCPH), Jesper Bruun (UCPH), Daniel Spikol (MAO(UCPH)), Mohammed Saqr (UEF/KTH), and Olga Viberg (KTH)

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7,5 ECTS (full course) or 5 ECTS (partial course)

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March 1st, 2021

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RightNow! editor Iris Beau Segers summarizes the year 2021 on the blog. What have C-REX scholars, affiliates and guest contributors written about prominent events and elections,  ideological trends, right-wing violence and terrorism, and more?

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