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Publisert 17. apr. 2012 10:01

Equal pay for work of equal value is a fundamental principle in European Union (EU) law and so in the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement. The paper takes as its point of departure the debate in Norway on the interpretation of EEA equal pay legislation, and relates this debate to the broader equal pay controversy in Norway.

ARENA Working Paper 3/2012 (pdf)

Cathrine Holst

Publisert 1. feb. 2011 15:30

This paper contributes to the philosophical exchanges of Nussbaum’s version of the capability approach. Nussbaum herself presents her contribution as an alternative to John Rawls’ theory of justice, and following her lead, this paper compares Nussbaum and Rawls.

ARENA Working Paper 16/2010 (pdf)

Cathrine Holst

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Publisert 2. juni 2022 14:29

This paper, by Aleksander Bern and Per Gunnar Røe, examines how the use of architectural competitions may change democratic and participatory aspects in urban planning. Published in Cities

Publisert 8. aug. 2017 13:26
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Publisert 18. mars 2021 16:30

ARENA Working Paper 4/2021 (pdf)

Erik Oddvar Eriksen