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Image of police in Italy
Publisert 5. juni 2019 12:50

This is a party that embraces Mussolini and Che Guevara — and cartoons and pop culture

Publisert 17. okt. 2018 00:01

A recent TRACES seminar (held on 11 October 2018) presented research on contentious materials in Rome’s forgotten colonial museum collections.

Publisert 9. feb. 2018 16:18

As all parties are trying to outflank each other on anti-immigration discourse, the acceptance of a logic of migration crisis has come to dominate the 2018 electoral campaign, says Pietro Castelli Gattinara and Francis O’Connor.

Publisert 22. sep. 2010 14:01

Italy became a country of immigration later than other European countries, and when it happened the Italian society was not prepared to become a country of destination. Sudden, unwanted immigration flows has prevented Italy since the late ’80s to produce a coherent system of norms and laws that would have been able to respond to both Italian residents' the and immigrant population demands, needs and expectations. At the present stage, Italy is facing a dramatic situation with illegal migration coming from the east and south shore of the Mediterranean.

Publisert 9. feb. 2009 00:00

Our second project meeting was held in Genoa from January 7-8, 2009. Representatives from all research institutions gathered at DiSA; the Department of Anthropological Science of the University of Genoa. Agenda for the meeting was adjustment of national context reports in order to secure the comparative dimension, as well as some discussions regarding the forthcoming interview phase. The EUMARGINS Project Committee had a separate meeting.