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Publisert 16. apr. 2015 09:34
Publisert 28. aug. 2014 10:58

A common view in scholarly literature and public debate is that the relationship between parties and interest groups shapes the nature of democratic governance. Still, party-group relationships have been largely overlooked by political scientists to date and taken for granted across different countries, institutional make-ups, types of party systems, and sectors. The proposed research project will advance the state of the art in this field by seeking to systematically examine the nature, the shaping factors and the consequences for policy-making of party-group relationships in long-established democracies across the world.

Journal of European Integration
Publisert 18. sep. 2018 12:08

Stine Hesstvedt and Johan Christensen examine the long-term developments in the involvement of interest groups and academics in Norwegian policy advisory bodies in the special issue of European Politics and Society.

Publisert 23. apr. 2019 14:41

Alexander Katsaitis has co-authored a new paper in The Journal of Legislative Studies about interest group representation in the European Parliament. 

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