Persons tagged with «HR system»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Ekeli, Hanna Director of Department +47 22857436 +47 99001817 (mob) Administrative management, Strategy, Economy, HR system
Fjeldstad, Peik Paul Senior Adviser +47 22841036 +47 95897070 (mob) Counselling, Application management, SAPUiO, HR system, Salary payments
Gislerud, Elin Adviser +47 22851564 +47 97666435 (mob) Human resources administration, appointments, recruitment, HR regulations, HR system
Hansen, Andre Nikolai Senior Adviser +47 93290223 (mob) Application management, SAPUiO, Salary, HR system
Haugan, Camilla Adviser +47 22851919 Administration, Web Publishing, User support, HR System, Oracle (OA)
Jozelic, Jasna Adviser +47 22842071 +47 92458256 (mob) Reasearch and project management support, CRIStin, HR system, Competence development, Human Rights and Conflict, Human Rights and Religion.
Mosling, Stina Section Manager +47 22845828 +47 93201514 (mob) Human resources administration, Appointments, HR system, Equal opportunity, Controlling, Civil service law, Competence development
Olsen, Elisabeth Senior Adviser +47 22845805 +47 99011150 (mob) Appointments, Controlling, HR system, Human resources administration, Civil service law, Equal opportunity, Competence development
Rykken, Jan Senior Adviser +47 22858555 Application management, HR system, SAPUiO, Counselling, Salary
Shanmugam, Sugumaran Adviser +47 22856216 +47 95248771 (mob) Reporting, Salary, HR system, SAPUiO
Stegen, Siv Anita Adviser +47 22854103 +47 92038909 (mob) HR system, Salary, SAPUiO, Reporting
Yttersian, Kine Administrative Manager +47 91166337 +47 91166337 (mob) HR system, Appointments, Regulations, Recruitment