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Pathways to social transformation (CLIMWAYS)

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Over 40 countries have established truth commissions (TCs) to investigate past patterns of gross human rights violations and recommend measures of redress. More than a third of these commissions have been in Latin America.

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Publisert 9. feb. 2015 10:02

This project studies whether and how particular political institutional characteristics – for example concerning the ruling party, election systems, and the protection of civil liberties – affect economic policies and outcomes under different conditions. More specifically, the project analyzes how different institutions, both in democracies and dictatorships, impact on economic growth and redistributive policies, thereby addressing issues of immense importance for the welfare of citizens across the world.

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Publisert 14. sep. 2016 12:37

Trade between developing countries constitutes an increasing proportion of global trade. Increasingly more of global production is now bound for consumption in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

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