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The European Banking Authority (EBA) is one of three supervisory authorities for the financial sector in the EU (photo: EBA)
Publisert 10. mai 2019 15:14

The research project REFLEX will organize the workshop Making Non-Majoritarian Institutions Safe for Democracy on 20-21 June in Oslo. 

Publisert 3. jan. 2019 14:40

Several ARENA researchers have contributed with book chapters in a new volume about institutional change in the Nordic model, co-edited by Cathrine Holst. 

Publisert 18. sep. 2018 12:09

Eva Krick explores the room for reconciliation between democratic and epistemic claims to modern policy-making in her article in the special issue of European Politics and Society.

Journal of European Integration
Publisert 18. sep. 2018 12:08

Guri Rosén and Silje H. Tørnblad seek to answer questions, to what extent, and how, does expertise from the Commission influence the European Parliament’s positions in the article in the European Politics and Society.

Publisert 5. apr. 2018 14:15
Journal of European Integration
Publisert 12. juni 2017 11:04

Cathrine Holst has co-authored this article in Social Epistemology with Anders Molander. They  discuss the conditions for legitimate expert arrangements within a democratic order and from a deliberative systems approach.

Publisert 17. jan. 2017 14:11
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Publisert 1. sep. 2014 14:48

ARENA cooperates with the Centre for European Studies at Jagiellonian University in offering a postgraduate research track within the MA programme in European Studies in Kraków.

Publisert 23. sep. 2010 15:36
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