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Publisert 18. okt. 2019 10:37

From the autumn of 2019, the Department of Social Anthropology has been offering a international master’s programme in Social Anthropology. Being teaching focused and job market relevant, and in English, the program attracts applicants from all over the world.

Publisert 25. jan. 2018 13:46

How did the transition to democracy affect inflows of foreign direct investment?

INTER3090, våren 2017

Karakter: A

Publisert 25. jan. 2018 13:46

Or The current Disparity Between the Nordic Laws of Contract and the Draft Common Frame of Reference in Regulating the Formation of Contracts

INTER3090, Våren 2017

Karakter: A

Publisert 14. sep. 2017 10:38

A study on the efficacy of the 2010-2013 U.S. sanctions against Iran.

STV3090, våren 2015.

Karakter: A

Publisert 8. sep. 2017 16:18

In what ways is a state’s electoral system linked to the effective democratic representation of its ethnic minorities?

STV2360, Autumn 2015

Grade: C

Publisert 8. sep. 2017 15:24

How could the PP threaten the ruling position of the traditional parties?

STV2360, autumn 2015

Grade: B

Publisert 4. sep. 2017 13:44

Similar Problems, Different Solutions: The Policies of the Spanish and British Governments in Response to Calls for Independence in Catalonia and Scotland. 

STV2360, Autumn 2015

Grade: A