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Den årlige Eilert Sundt-forelesningen holdes 7. november 2011.

Professor i statsvitenskap Kees van Kersbergen fra Universitetet i Aarhus foreleser over tema: Does the Welfare State Do What it Promises to Do?

Podcast from the lecture.


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A common view in scholarly literature and public debate is that the relationship between parties and interest groups shapes the nature of democratic governance. Still, party-group relationships have been largely overlooked by political scientists to date and taken for granted across different countries, institutional make-ups, types of party systems, and sectors. The proposed research project will advance the state of the art in this field by seeking to systematically examine the nature, the shaping factors and the consequences for policy-making of party-group relationships in long-established democracies across the world.

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Seminar and panel discussion with Professor Michael Mann and others.

- A seminar on Monday 30 July, 10.00 - 16.00.

- Oslo Summer School anniversary lecture on Tuesday 31 July, 15.30.

- A panel discussion on Wednesday August 1, 15.00 - 18.00.

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In 2012 the Oslo Summer School celebrated its 20th year in existence with including Professor Michael Mann to give the anniversary lecture titled The Future of Capitalism.

A total of 187 students participated in the Oslo Summer School 2012.

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Course leaders: 

Siri Gloppen (UiB) and César Rodriguez Garavito (New York University). 


Michael McCann (University of Washington/UW), Jackie Dugard (Wits University), Namita Wahi (CPR, India); Daniel Brinks (UT Austin), Rachel Cichowski (UW), Jeff Staton (Emory Univeristy); Jeroen van der Sluis* (UiB), Fiona Shen-Bayh (Willian and Mary Univerisity), Sylvia Tamale (Makerere University) Antonio De Lauri (CMI): Michael Barnett (George Wahshingtion University); Jayna Kothary (CLPR, India). Sudhir Krishnaswamy (National Law School of India); Alicia Yamin (Harvard University); Rachel Sieder (CIESAS, Mexico) 


Course website


Course credits:

3 or 10 ECTS


Deadline for registration:

4 May, 2020 (New deadline)

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This project studies whether and how particular political institutional characteristics – for example concerning the ruling party, election systems, and the protection of civil liberties – affect economic policies and outcomes under different conditions. More specifically, the project analyzes how different institutions, both in democracies and dictatorships, impact on economic growth and redistributive policies, thereby addressing issues of immense importance for the welfare of citizens across the world.

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