Nettsider med emneord « European elections»

Publisert 9. nov. 2010 10:52

During the last decade, national parliaments have left their status as ‘losers’ of European integration by attaining a more prominent role in the EU. Tracing this development, the paper argues that a gap has evolved between the EU and EFTA countries with regards to parliamentary influence; furthermore, this gap is likely to increase with the introduction of a Constitution for Europe.

ARENA Working Paper 17/2004 (pdf)

Jan Kåre Melsæther and Ulf Sverdrup

Publisert 9. nov. 2010 10:52

This paper evaluates the mediatizing potential of the internet on the politics of European integration and the process of enhancing the democratic legitimacy of the European Union (EU) through an analysis of online debates during the 2009 EU elections.

ARENA Working Paper 06/2010 (pdf)

Asimina Michailidou and Hans-Jörg Trenz

Publisert 8. feb. 2011 11:46

In this paper, Espen D. H. Olsen and Hans-Jörg Trenz confront some commonly held assumptions and objections with regard to the feasibility of deliberation in a transnational and pluri-lingual setting, relying on a solid set of both quantitative and qualitative data from EuroPolis.

ARENA Working Paper 13/2010 (pdf)

Espen D. H. Olsen and Hans-Jörg Trenz