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  • Pilot survey about use of research 3. mai 2018 18:13

    In May 2018, OSIRIS starts a pilot study of how policy makers and practitioners in public sector organizations use scientific knowledge. Our goal is to gain new insights into how scientific knowledge is used in public organizations, and into the different conditions that influence the use of knowledge in policymaking and practice.

  • sivertsen-nifu New blog post: why no widespread adoption of the REF? 27. apr. 2018 15:55

    The UK Research Excellence Framework, commonly known as the REF, is the most widely discussed approach to evaluating the quality and impact of research. But why is this approach not used outside of the UK? This timely question is analysed in a new blog post from Gunnar Sivertsen at the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU): Why has no other European country adopted the Research Excellence Framework?

  • studenter-pa-sv-uio Rekordhøye søkertall til TIK-senteret 25. apr. 2018 10:58

    Årets søkertall for opptak til høyere utdanning er inne og innebærer gode nyheter for TIK-senteret: til sammen 475 søkere til masterprogrammene ESST og TIK. Med det er det satt ny rekord.

  • centimeters-close-up-depth-of-field-162500 New blog post: measuring impact 5. apr. 2018 13:45

    What are the basic methods and challenges when measuring societal impact of research? This fundamental topic is treated in a thorough blog post published today.

  • codborgs In before the codborgs 30. mars 2018 11:02

    Among the newest additions to the Little Tools project is PhD student Tommas Måløy. Previously a tram driver and philosophy student, he now finds himself amidst cods and computers.