The politics of low carbon innovation. Lessons from six case studies

Florian Kern from SPRU will give a talk about the issue of the “protective space” for niche innovations. During his talk he’ll draw on 6 low carbon innovation case studies from the UK and Netherlands.

Photo: University of Sussex.

About the talk

In the sustainability transitions literature the idea of ‘protective space’ shielding niche innovations from unfriendly selection environments is a fundamental concept. Few studies pause to consider how and by whom such protective space is created, maintained or expanded. The presentation develops three propositions to deepen our understanding of the ‘outward-oriented socio-political work’ performed by technology advocates. The presentation will illustrate the findings of our project on the politics of low carbon innovation with material from six low-carbon technology case studies conducted in the UK and The Netherlands (solar PV, offshore wind, CCS).


About the speaker

Dr Florian Kern is Co-Director of the Sussex Energy Group and Senior Lecturer at SPRU-Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex. His research interest lies in the area of energy, climate and innovation policy as well as socio-technical transitions.



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NB! New Place: Room 551, 5th floor, Eilert Sundt Building.

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