Separating Encounters. Tangency in an Interreligious Encounter in Ifugao, the Philippines

In this article Jon Henrik Remme  contribute to an understanding of interreligious encounters that underlines the processes of separation. By an analysis of the meaning-generating processes that were found to be operative in a burial ritual, observed among the Ifugao of northern Luzon, the Philippines.

Jon Henrik Remme discuss how the encounter between the traditional Ifugao religion and Protestant belief and practices can be understood to generate separate metaphorical ideologies. He takes issue with theories of syncretism and hybridity and argue that a theoretical perspective in which these two systems are seen as tangent can account for the meaning-generating processes that occur in their encounter.

Publisert 31. aug. 2012 14:05 - Sist endret 31. aug. 2012 14:07