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  • werthmannafriantroseminar300 Are Cities in Africa “Unknowable”? Anthropological Approaches to Urban Africa 25. apr. 2018 14:15

    Katja Werthmann from Universität Leipzig, Institut für Afrikastudien will give the talk: Are Cities in Africa “Unknowable”? Anthropological Approaches to Urban Africa"

    The seminar is open to all, including bachelor and master students. No registration is required. After the seminar, drinks and snacks will be served in our lunchroom.

  • embrace Embrace of the Serpent 25. apr. 2018 16:15

    Embace of the Serpent ( El abrazo de la serpiente) is the critically acclaimed and oscar-nominated anthropological adventure that tells the story of two journeys in the Columbian Amazon, one in the 1900s and the other in the 1940s. It is a poignant condemnation of colonialism and we are left both mourning the loss of, as well as celebrating, the majesty of a lost world.

  • telle CANCELLED Kari Telle "Vigilant citizens and 'do-it-yourself' security in Indonesia" 2. mai 2018 14:15

    Departmental Seminar Series features Kari Telle, Senior Researcher in the Centre on Law and Social Transformation, Chr. Michelsen Institute in Bergen.

    The seminar is followed by informal gathering, at which refreshments are served. All are welcome!