Carolyn M. Rouse "Mediated Populism: How media threatens modern democracies"

Departmental Seminar Series features Carolyn M. Rouse, Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology and the Director of the Program in African Studies at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA.

The seminar is followed by Informal gathering, at which refreshments are served. All are welcome!

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Research profile

A professor of anthropology and African American studies who has taught at Princeton since 2000, Carolyn Rouse takes a wide-ranging approach to studying the production of inequality and why people accept the systems that uphold it. Professor Rouse focuses on four areas that undergird much of society: medicine, religion, education and development. Her research has taken her into hospitals, mosques and homes in this country, as well as into village homes and government offices in Ghana, where she is working to build a school.

As an extension of her commitment and training in visual anthropology, in the summer of 2016 Professor Rouse created the Ethnographic Data Visualization Lab to work with students and colleagues on ways to visualize complex ethnographic data. Rouse has produced, directed, and/or edited a number of documentaries including Listening as a Radical Act: World Anthropologies and the Decentering of Western Thought (2015).

Her publications include “Engaged Surrender: African American Women and Islam” and “Uncertain Suffering: Racial Healthcare Disparities and Sickle Cell Disease”. Further information: anthropology(at)princeton

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